Program 1:

September 28, 2023


Program 1 Topics:

The Use of Trusts, Ron Aucutt
Problems with Marital Deduction Planning, Stuart B. Dorsett
Family Business Planning – A Broader Approach, Jos M. Goodman
Ethical Rules in Working with Families, Joe M. Goodman
Planning for Persons With Disabilities, Kristen M. Lewis
GRATs, QPRTs, and Sales to an IDGT, William I. Sanderson

Program 2:

September 30, 2022


Program 2 Topics:

Finding Basis, Howard Zaritsky
Asset Protection Planning: Keeping Wealth in the Commonwealth, Avoiding Sticky Fingers in the Tar Heel State, or Volunteering for Trouble?, Bryan Howard, Holly Norvell and Katherine E. Ramsey
Gift Splitting, Diana S. C. Zeydel
Retirement Benefits Planning After the SECURE Act, Larry H. Rocamora
Trust Modification and Decanting, Dan W. Holbrook, Farhad Aghdami, and James D. Spratt, Jr.